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The onomatopoeia of creativity



Souls on Display

Portraits are fun and unique way to introduce yourself or capture a moment of your life. 

Oil portraits take the longest to paint (and dry) and have a sturdier look. These paintings usually take multiple sittings for the artist, so the interview is recorded and replayed for each session to ensure the "same you" is captured throughout the process. Though the painting and drying time varies for each portrait, you should receive your finished painting within a few weeks once the interview has been conducted. Portraits are available for singles, couples, families, even groups. 

Acrylics dry quickly, within an hour of painting, meaning you can hang your painting almost immediately. Because of their quick drying time, these portraits are travel a lot easier, so the painter can meet you at a place of your convenience. 

Pastels dry in no time and are just as quickly made (usually) which makes them great for events, birthday parties, office parties with pizazz, or any other occasion you want to wow your guests and let them walk away with a truly unique souvenir. Due to the nature of pastels, it is easy to chronicle an event. This way, you can see how you, your family, your coworkers change over time. 



Postcards from my Spiritguide

Each painting tells a story, each color a vital detail exposed. The names of these paintings are usually a place or specific occurrence. Most of them have an accompanying story as a translation for those who prefer stories through words. But the beautiful thing about art, is that meaning is in the eye of the beholder.



A picture of your favorite song

Each painting captures the sounds, notes, beat, rhythm, tone, mood, melody, quality of the musical offerings heard through Bechem's ears. Some of these paintings are made during live performances, others after having listened to a song for hours to deeply understand and interpret each musical expression. 

Visions of Music paintings are a great way to provide a flourish of agreeable atmosphere for shared spaces - Does your squad own a song, get it painted to instantly open the floodgates of roadtrip sing-a-long memories.

- Did your team fight together and win? Continue the celebration with a visualization of that inspiring soundtrack.

- What's your jam? The song that brings you back? The emblem of your year? 

These are paintings that show you what you hear.


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