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Jennifer Bechem

I paint to understand what I cannot articulate, a vibe, an aura, or atmosphere. The world is complicated and overwhelming, so I paint my confusion to I see what I’m supposed to know, often that which seems so obvious to everyone else. My writings and films are translations of the lessons I’ve learned from my paintings.

As an abstract expressionist I employ an intuitive algorithm, akin to synesthesia, to allocate the colors in my paintings so the canvas carries the weight of its subject. I like to say, “Each painting is a postcard from a spirit guide.” Like postcards, my paintings are of many subjects - people, places, events, even music - and are likewise shared with a sense of joy (even if the original material was burdensome).

From there I convert my new knowledge to other mediums; I write literary translations and produce films to further articulate my artistic findings. I discover regularly that what perplexed me runs amok in my local, professional, or digital communities and sharing my work helps others ask important questions.

I love painting in public - cafes, parks, and happy hours - because people just start talking to me and it’s exhilarating. They share their stories and develop curiosities, providing a link between me, my art, and the sense of community that I thrive on. My artwork is most thrilling to me when it connects me to someone who speaks a different language or resides in a different culture, because although we may not share the words to say it, we acquire hope and magnanimity when we experience commonalities.



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