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Artwork to elevate your spirit; then pay it forward.

As an artist it is tempting to generate work that showcases the wide variety of the human emotional journey; however, as optimists the artists @Jujubeegees create paintings that engage the spirit in an uplifting manner. Each one of these paintings has opened their eyes to a new way of thinking or a new pathway towards healing.
If one of these paintings moves you in a way you don't fully comprehend, maybe you should have it. Maybe you should study it until you've figured out why it has affected you. So take it down, check it out, and put in a place you can view regularly. Then once you've figured it out, pass it on to someone else.
If there is something already claimed that moved your spirit please reach out via email or Instagram: @jujubeegees

_An Introduction to the Universe_ by Ugo


This painting is a vision of music inspired by the brain teaser of a song, Introduction to the Universe by Ugonna Okegwo. The ten minute straight-ahead jazz poem provokes wonder and curiosity but doesn’t shy away from darkness. Rather, the song describes two ways of moving through life; the first makes the listener a combatant of sorts, bobbing and weaving through the ups and downs surrounding us. The second option invites the listener to see the beauty around and within, and states that both options are fair choices. 

However, as the painter I chose is to focus on the later option. Life does have ups and down, but sometimes we need help to remember the ups. Therefore, this painting is an upbeat reminder of the beauty, love, and wonder in the world. When I’m feeling down, I remind myself that there are things I don’t know. Finding my curiosity doesn’t cheer me up perse, but it guides my thoughts towards a new avenue. I don’t know about you, but when I’m someplace new I relish the opportunity to become a tourist. And presto-chango! (or Jujubeegees if you’re game) I’m on a thought vacation. 

Clown Revolution


Have you been to clown college? Then you know that clowns aren’t all happy. Clowning is about connecting with an audience in a truthful way, maybe the clown is funny, but the clown can also make you cry or hiss. Clowns are an exaggeration of something that’s real within. 

I painted this one while filming my first dramatic role (@darkplanet) in years. Priorly I was doing mostly comedy and the thought of crying for 72 takes was like dying my hair purple, something I always wanted to do but never had the guts to do. Luckily both the film and the painting turned out to be great experiences. Some people say this is a scary clown, and I see that, but aren’t revolutions scary? Isn’t it brave to stand up to voice something new? This clown did that. It says, “Today is different than yesterday, and thankfully yesterday won’t recognize tomorrow.”

Common Ground


When facing a foe, gaze upon a Common Ground painting and agree that Beyonce at Coachella was awesome. Lavish in her dominance and praise her talents, then rejoin your discussion with a fresh perspective, a shared perspective. Each painting in this series is named after a person or instance that most humans agree are pleasant things. Because, as humans we all have something in common, our humanity. As humans we empower ourselves and our neighbors when we choose to inhale conflict and exhale compassion, breathe in pleasant thoughts of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, breathe out thoughts of sharing a perspective. If we can all agree that the rare Pink Cadillac is fun to gaze at, then we can start at the same place. 

Forgetting Face


It’s a sunny day and you hear something you don’t normally notice, like the sound a bike chain makes as a cyclist locks up their mode of transportation. It alerts you to the moment and you forget the trials of the day, the grievances of the past, and the worries of the future. You’re in the moment, and you have the forgetting face. Maybe it lasts only a moment, maybe a full minute, or maybe you’re able to feel your body relax in this new present instance. The rest of your day is tinted by this experience because you realize its your choice to live in the present for every moment. 

Parts of People, Parts of We


The darkness, much like the light, is part of people, it is part of who we are. We are human, and as humans we must remember that the darkness is only part of us. There are so many colors on the emotional rainbow, darkness does not need to take up all the space. Take a look and find the emotion that serves your person the best.

Crooked Smile


Intriguing, alluring, yet simple, crooked smiles are often dismissed. However, even smiles that meet the standard banana shape should be celebrated and remembered, because its when we can only partially smile that we need a pat on the back. So look in the mirror, salute your crooked smile, and save, "bravo".

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