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Common Ground

an abstract painting to help resolve conflict
Common Ground

Dear Viewer,

As an artist I wish to remind people how to find happiness and for those that seek the elusive "H word" I present the “Common Ground” series. Each painting is inspired by something most people agree are awesome things

I love these colors, sunny yellows, sky blues, and floral pinks, they remind me of the sophistication once reserved for those who strove to excel in Victorian Society. While I admit this reference may not stimulate everyone, I do carry a great hope that these paintings will MOVE you. 

In the years, days, and minutes that you face an antagonist, maybe the memory of one of these paintings will remind you that while we humans are not all the same, we do have a lot in common. Perhaps in the moment when your heart quickens in conflict you shall choose to inhale hope and exhale into a better future, one where we focus on our positive traits and experiences. 

Go ahead, call me an optimist, I hear they’re a happy bunch.

With upmost respect, Jenn

How do I interpret these paintings?

Example: for "Common Ground" If blue is US and pink is THEM then yellow shines a light on mutual joy. 

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